Within Shouting Distance

Maria longs to see her mother, even hear her name whispered. But names have power. Grandfather rarely mentions Mother and has kept her hidden all of Maria’s life with him. Longing for answers—most especially why her mother is absent—Maria prods Grandfather who agrees to tell her his story, the true story. As Maria delves deeper into Grandfather’s story, she begins to search for connections to the past in the present: secrets locked away in Grandfather’s study. Her quest to find its key, search through his private world, and remain undiscovered brings her closer to the truth of who she is and what her name really means. Once she uncovers that, she will discover she had bigger problems than she thought.

Choosing his Name was just the beginning. For Steven “Wolfhunter” deGaul, the journey to earn his Name started the moment he left his village. He might know his name, the villagers might know his name, but outside its bounds, he’s just a simple shepherd from a small farming village. Desiring to avenge an attack on his home, he traveled to the capital to train. A friend's betrayal and forced exile meant a life of hiding and loneliness for Steven. A life he quickly detested. Returning to the capital, he sought to defend the queen and kill the man behind the attack on his village; but discovered revenge wasn’t what he longed for after all.