Character Descriptions

Post date: Mar 19, 2018 9:27:56 PM

So, I've gone through a few character descriptions, so by now you're probably able to write something like:

She's smart, kind, enthusiastic, and generous. She gives great advice and doesn't judge. She listens without forming a response. She's beautiful and strong, inside and out. She's passionate and compassionate, but fierce like a mother bear, especially about her dog. She opens up to people slowly because she's been burned before. But she's more loyal than most. She's driven to be the best in all she does. Yet outshines everyone. They either try to catch up or give up as she laps them. But sometimes takes on too much to appear more competent. She wants to crash through her limits instead of working to expand them gradually. She's constantly learning, improving, and bettering herself. She knows she's not a prize to be won. She demands respect and attention, but if she doesn't get it, she seeks it until she does. And occasionally, that quest consumes her thoughts. Instead of confronting problems head-on and making waves, she avoids until she has to admit a mistake. She's nerdy and witty. Charming and polite. Honest. She doesn't always ask for help when she needs it, but she's working on it. She's competitive and works to improve herself constantly. She's not as confident as she could be because she doesn't see how amazing she is.

Okay, but now that you've got a character, how do you describe her? Green eyes, brown hair, average height, slim. That's boring. Why not have another character compliment her? Something like: "There are times when you literally take my breath away, then you put on makeup and there are no words." doesn't really work. Even if it's a great line for a Valentine's Day card.

This: "She had a kissably cute nose that perfectly fit her face. Elegant and graceful. Like a swan sleeping on a pristine, glass-smooth lake. The orange red glow of sunrise just peeking above the dark olive green trees." might be purple prose. But, again, would work for Valentine's Day.

Maybe: "Her chin daintily pulls away in an adorable, yet heartbreaking way, like it's afraid to be touched because it's been hurt before. Yet, it still braves the attempt." It's okay, still a bit much...

I suppose it just depends what sort of relationship you want the character describing her to have with her. If he wants to win her heart, those would definitely fit. If he wants to boost her self-confidence, they might help. Might not, if she doesn't believe him. If he's just her best friend, she might like it or she might find it weird. Hey, it's your story, get creative and see what happens.

"I could get lost in her eyes. Like olive forests teeming with untold adventures. Mirth captured in an instant. The searing heat of anger that cuts sharper than any knife. Yet I'd brave that fire for a glance my way." Definitely use that on Valentine's Day.

...Unless she has brown eyes.

You could try, "Have you ever gotten lost in someone's eyes and felt like you were drowning? You resurfaced after days, gasping for breath, but it's only been a few seconds. That's why I can't look at her."