The Hero's Calling

What Is A Hero?

by Thomas Scrivener

The recent Memorial Day holiday has me wondering, "What is a hero?" We celebrate them and honor them, but are there any left?

Years ago, Marvel and DC coined the term "superhero" to denote a person with extraordinary ability who fought to protect citizens from villains, usually also extraordinarily enhanced.

However, I find myself pondering the nature of the title. To me, I think the ordinary person who stands for justice under extraordinary pressure is the super hero. The person without bulletproof skin who risks life and limb for others. Nothing against the comic book world's use of the term.

Obviously, veterans and those who fight for the freedoms I enjoy are heroes. Parents, teachers, and social workers are, too. Everyday people doing extraordinary things. Loving unconditionally, imparting knowledge, and helping find paths and build lives. Police officers, firefighters, EMTs, nurses, etc count as well.

If, however, a superhero is only a person with enhanced abilities, perhaps we need a new word for those who guard the liberties we take for granted. Uberhero or Hyperhero...something.

The only thing I can offer is gratitude, but even that pales when stacked beside their deeds. I suppose, it is something, though.