Unblocking the Writer

Post date: Mar 01, 2017 2:54:29 PM

A lot of writing advice tells you to write every day or write even when you're uninspired. And that's great. You want to build a habit of writing. It should be woven into your lifestyle, that way, it's harder to break than biting your fingernails.

But some days, I just don't. I don't want to write. I'm busy. I'm lazy. Usually, it's because I lack inspiration or I'm in the dreaded "edit" phase. When that happens, I've found the best cure for me is to step away from the computer screen. Staring at the blank page all day can get frustrating (plus, there are a ton of distractions waiting for me within reach of a few keystrokes).

Writing by hand frees my creative process from whatever blockage or chains have suppressed it. Sitting down with notebook and pen and just writing without caring what I write relieves whatever pressure I've put on myself to "be excellently creative" (whatever that means).

Even just jotting down notes or story ideas helps.

Too often, I think that I put so much pressure on myself to write a perfect first draft. Probably because then I can fool myself into thinking I won't need to edit it. But, the truth is, it's just a rough draft. Get the story out, then go back and reread it for continuity errors, spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and whatever else needs ironing out. The hardest part is reaching "The End".

...Until you have to do it 700 times for the same story. But, don't think about that. Just keep writing. Find the story you want to tell and tell it. Once you reach the end, you can start figuring out how much you hate it. (Only have celebrating that you finished.)