Prediction for a New Bestseller Trend

Post date: May 27, 2015 1:42:12 PM

If we take a look, today, at the New York Times Best Seller list, we'd get a good look at what's trending in the book market right now. In young adult, it's female protagonists, romance, and hard luck stories. In hardcover fiction, it's thrillers, detective stories, and historical. ...But, that's just the top 10.

Only a few are fantasy. I don't know if any are science fiction or dystopian. At the moment, it seems more readers are interested in the real rather than the paranormal. Perhaps they are burned out from Twilight and Harry Potter and Game of Thrones and Hunger Games, etc.

Edit: Series are still going strong in YA, just not single volume works. And that's where you see your wizards, angels, and dystopias.

Which leads me to my guess of what will be on the list in six months.

I think we'll still see mysteries on the hardcover fiction. However, I think in YA, we'll see a bit more sci-fi, though female heroines aren't going anywhere. I have a feeling that superhero novels are about to take off...though, that could just be wishful thinking and the current movie megablockbusters from Marvel (though graphic novels, and comics aren't going anywhere).

I'd also like to see more dinosaurs. But who wouldn't?