My Writing Process

Post date: Feb 13, 2013 1:59:25 AM

I like to think I'm an organic writer. I just write what flows. But that's not one hundred percent true. I mean, it is how I start. But, now, I'm trying to enhance my process.

First, I'll write whatever comes. Letting my characters speak freely and acting freely. Then I'll go back and tighten up the writing and the pacing.

That used to be the only step. Now, I've added a step: create an outline.

I'm not great at outlining. I might even prefer a simple outline. Just a few steps: how to get from point a to point b to point c. Start, Rise, Inciting Incident, Fall, Climax, End.

It's an interesting process. It might even shape my story differently.

Luckily, I can just move chapters, sections, and words with a simple click. I wonder how much different it would be if I used a typewriter.

...I'd probably edit less.