The Past in the Present

Post date: Sep 18, 2014 6:37:15 PM

In recent (and not so recent) times, medieval weapons have inundated society. And rightfully so. They're cool. Who doesn't want to own a sword? Even if it's not a replica Heron Brand from the Wheel of Time series or John Snow's sword. It's just awesome to have a sword strapped to your hip or slung on your back. It's empowering...or so I hope.

Is having a suit of armor in your foyer pretentious? Is having a foyer?

Archery is in the public eye thanks to blockbusters like The Hunger Games and Disney's Brave. It's fun, challenging, and a good workout. Bonus, shooting an apple off your friend's head may come up sometime, especially if you have a nemesis who's a corrupt sheriff/noble/ruler. But, of course, you'll need to practice if you still want a friend.

But is it relevant? Should we practice swordsmanship and archery? If there's an impending zombie apocalypse, yes. If power and electricity vanish across the globe, yes. If bullets become even scarcer, yes. If you want a cool, interesting, different hobby, yes. If you want to be lame, no.

Who knows how the world will end? It could be a zombie apocalypse. What will the world look like post apocalypse? You might need an alternate form of self-defense. Or you may need to fight to defend your lady's honor (or your own). The best way? With a sword. Just ask Malcolm Reynolds.