The Fall of the House of Erie

Book 1 of Erie Tales: The Hunt for the Prodigal Mage

Justice can't have best friends.

Someone is killing witches. The Salem Accords have been violated and no one wants a war between witches and the Vatican. Not again.

When the lone suspect in a magical murder case vanishes, Jordan Mielzynski will need to put aside her loyalty to her best friend, Stephanie Erie, if she wants to find justice for the victims.

Jordan Mielzynski works in the family business, training as a demon hunter for the Vatican under the tutelage of her adoptive father, Randolph Kettler. Following her sixteenth birthday, she begins field work alongside him. Their first target is a young boy who allegedly murdered two kids. Unfortunately, Ted Erie also happens to be the younger brother of Jordan's best friend. At first, Jordan refuses to hunt Ted. As the body count rises, she has little choice. Her duty is clear. While attempting to solve the murders, Jordan and Randolph ally with detectives from the Lex Legati, the wizard police force. When a grievous injury sidelines Randolph, Jordan will need to rely on the Lex Legati. Hopefully, they aren't biased against witch hunters.