Character Soliloquy: Monster Hunter

Post date: Jul 07, 2014 1:30:57 PM

I don't like ultimatums. Maybe it stems from my unhealthy relationship with authority; but, whenever you give me an ultimatum, I start the world's dumbest game of chicken. I suppose I've always felt that they were the last resort of the weak. It could be the simplest thing, my parents say, "Take out the garbage tonight or you won't get an allowance this week" and I won't, just to see if you'll go through with your threat. (That might explain why I'm so good at living on so little.)

It's not that I want you to exercise your authority over me. I just don't approve of the use of scare tactics or strong-arming. There are too many other, better, ways to flex your authoritative muscles. Besides, I've seen too much to allow myself to be goaded by an ultimatum.

I've fought demons, vampires, wizards, and werewolves. None of them offered ultimatums. Some might attempt to persuade me from fighting; but never exhorted me or attempted to order me around.

So, sure, I could clean up that aisle within two weeks; but I won't. Maybe if you had asked instead of demanding and dangling a punishment over my head. Guess we'll never know.

Is it worth my job? Probably not. But there are more important things to do. I don't have time to waste taking orders from little men. There's a world out there that's struggling to bring mortals down. I'm the last defense many of you have. I'm not better than anyone. I've just seen more and trained for this.

You want my career? You're more than welcome to it. Just watch your back. You never know from where the next attack will come. Safe bet: it'll happen after sunset.

Good luck. Don't say I didn't warn you.