Edward Sullivan Erie

Seventh Grader. Wizard. Murderer(?).

The drab, dull life of a junior high student held no appeal for Ted. His tutor lamented his lack of concern for subjects like math, science, history, etc. Ted cared only for one thing, escaping into a reality of his own choosing. A world where he spent hours daydreaming of a different existence. An existence that explained his ...peculiarities. Like his eyes, which change color, or his gift for knowing when a traffic light will change.

Until his thirteenth birthday, Ted though he was just a normal kid. Turns out, however, he's a wizard. What kind or how proficient depends on a few factors. Most notably, Ted and his dedication. Fortunately, Ted loves magic. And the uncle who will instruct him over the summer. Unfortunately, Ted isn't known for his concentration.

But he isn't a murderer. He knows something else did it. He just needs to track down the invisible creature. If wizards are real, dragons and other mythical creatures must be, too. One of them might have the answer.