A New Perspective

Post date: Jan 04, 2015 5:6:53 PM

I've written up a new POV character. Let me know what you think. It's a bit different than my other perspective characters--at least in the Erie Tales--but more like Stephen deGaul. I'm not sure, however, how well it'll integrate into Erie Tales.

Everybody wants to be a wizard; they think it’s so great. You get awesome magical powers and never have to get up to reach the remote; but you also get a family legacy you can’t live up to and a brother who’s a murderer.

Okay, alleged murderer.

We just found out yesterday. Dad’s been yelling into the grapevine ever since. (I hate to imagine what the neighbors think.) Uncle James hasn’t answered his private graft. The Council even thinks Ted’s a runaway.

I doubt he’d kill anyone…on purpose. He’s only thirteen. Uncle James, however, isn’t the most reliable of tutors.

What do I know? I don’t even have powers.

That’s right, a family of wizards and I’m left out of the coolest part. Do I complain it isn’t fair? Do I steal my cousin’s wand? Do I run off? Do I kill non-magical kids? I’m the good kid, yet here I am, stuck on the couch listening to my parents argue once again about Uncle James’ lack of responsibility.

It’s my fault really. I never should’ve checked the mail. It’s not like we ever get any. I just needed to get out of the house. Ever since Ted’s disappearance, Dad’s had me on lockdown. Thank Merlin for my cellphone. (You think you had a hard time convincing your parents to get you one? Try convincing Merlin’s descendant [Told you I had a lot to live up to]. “Technology and magic don’t mix…” Blah, blah, blah. “The Gnomes will feel slighted…” Blah, blah, blah. “For millennia, we’ve communicated without it.” Thankfully, Mom saw how important it was to me.)

Dad waved the letter from Rome. “The Vatican, Rebecca! Do you have any idea what this means?” He lifted a potted vine. “The Vatican, James!”

“You know I love your brother, Jacob. How many times have I defended him, even to my own family?” Mom put a hand on Dad’s arm. The letter drifted to the floor.

“He’s gone too far.” Dad stomped into the kitchen. “I’m sending a text.” (Not a real text, Dad won’t use my phone. A letter send on the Worldwide Wizard Web…it’s actually really creepy. [Unless you’re into spiders].)”

Mom rushed to grab his hand. “Not the Black Widow.” She pointed to the jar with a large, hairy tarantula. “Scare him, honey. Don’t kill him.”

Dad closed his eyes. “He’s lucky to have you.”

Mom smiled. “He knows.”

I snatched the letter.

Mr. Jacob Erie

Your son has killed two young men and fled wizard justice. The Salem Accords give us jurisdiction in this matter. Agents of the Vatican are in pursuit. The Order will handle him now, since your kind are unable.


Randolph Kettler

Supervisory Special Agent

My fingers went numb. I watched the letter drop to the floor. I stared at it. At least that would have happened, if I had any inkling who the Order was. “Can’t you just summon Ted?”

Dad spun to face me, his eyebrows raised in surprise. He probably forgot I was home. “I’ve tried. He’s beyond magical means of extraction.”

“And this Order wants him?”

Dad shook his head. “The Order wants all of us dead. The Salem Accords let us police ourselves, until they decide we no longer can.”

“But, Dad, they’re all the way in Rome.”

Mom sat next to me and wrapped my hand in hers. “They have branch offices.” She grabbed the envelope from the table. She pointed to the return address: Livonia. (I have friends there.) “We live within Randolph Kettler’s district.”

“There’s a whole order dedicated to hunting wizards, if we can’t control ourselves? What do they do most of the time?”

Dad took the tarantula from its jar. “Hunt vampires.”