Live Without Regrets

Post date: Oct 12, 2016 5:41:32 PM

All of us have things in our past that we regret. Maybe it was not trying out for that sports team in high school or trying out for the team. Perhaps it's letting a strong friendship fizzle over the years. Or, it could just be the one that got away. If you had the chance to fix one regret, would you?

I don't know if it's possible to live without regrets, but it might just be possibly to fix some. If you're a parent, for example, you probably try to help your kids avoid making your mistakes. But is that the same?

We all wish we could have a do-over. Sadly, time machines don't exist. ...Yet. However, not every regret needs to be permanent. Are there things we can change?

Obviously, we can't go back to high school and run on the track team, but we might be able to reconnect to a long lost friend. Or take that adventure we've always wanted or write that book that constantly jostles around in our brains.

Life moves fast, if we blink we miss it. What if we slowed down a moment and realized what we truly wanted? Is there a way to make amends for a wrong committed? Can too much time elapse and our window close?

I think I'll explore this idea more fully in my writing exercise today (it might even expand into tomorrow).

One thing is for certain, we can do everything in our power to live fully in the moment today. To engage with the people around us. To be fully alive. To reach our maximum potential. To decide that this moment is the one that defines who we are, not something lurking in the past or waiting in the future, but this moment, the extreme present.