NaNoWriMo Is Scary

Post date: Nov 06, 2015 2:10:54 PM

I've never attempted to write a novel in a month. Usually, my writing style is to write multiple projects at once, jumping from one to the next whenever an idea strikes me for one. Forcing myself to focus on one for a whole month will be interesting.

That isn't to say, I haven't finished any novel length manuscripts, I just seem to have a lot of tangents and I like to explore rabbit holes. I guess I'm like Alice in that regard...except, I've never seen a giant caterpillar or a tea-drinking mouse or, oddly, a hatter (mad or otherwise).

The scary part, for me, isn't the writing 50,000 words. That's doable in a month. The scary part is that I've never kept track of my daily, weekly, or monthly word counts before. It'll be interesting to see how many words I can crank out per day...or maybe it won't.

But, you know what they say, "Set goals, achieve them, and set new ones". Or something like that.

Happy Writing!