Jordan Mielzynsk

Monster hunter. Orphan. Teenager.

Life took a left turn for Jordan at the age of two. Her parents, renowned monster hunters, died in the line of duty to an unknown creature. Something murdered her twin sister soon after. Jordan joined the Vatican's secret order of supernatural slayers not only to follow their legacy, but to solve their murder and avenge their deaths.

Raised and trained by Randolph Kettler, a Vatican agent, Jordan completes every challenge he sets before her. She knows she is ready. At sixteen, the Order grants her an operational radius. Now, she must patrol it; while finishing her homework and passing her classes. A task she is ill-suited for and, honestly, couldn't care less about. The supernatural consumes her waking thoughts and haunts her nightmares.

When Randolph tells her the Order might have tracked down her sister's killer, she jumps at the opportunity. Perhaps this same creature killed her parents. Her vengeance will be swift.