Hanging from Cliffs

Post date: Aug 04, 2014 1:19:1 PM

I'm not really a fan of writing cliffhanger chapters. Don't get me wrong, they're a great way to keep the reader turning the page and ultimately, that's the goal of every writer. I guess I just feel that they're a trick. I prefer to let the story engage the reader and keep them interested rather than using a gimmick.

But, perhaps that's what separates the bestselling page-turners that you can't put down from the excellent books buried in the bargain book bin.

They definitely have a purpose. They perform it admirably. And are used by writers of every skill level. However, there are degrees of successful integration. And, I believe, a cliffhanger chapter ending won't save a bad plot. No matter how devastating the cliffhanger...then again, I could be wrong.

Some people love them, some hate them. They do seem to be inundating the market at the moment, though. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. In today's fast-paced, on-demand society, perhaps that's what's needed to keep readers, create new readers, and build a new generation of bookworms.

Or perhaps, it will just degrade the fabric of writing style completely. Only time will tell. ...Until we get holonovels and robot butlers.