The Writing Life

Post date: Mar 13, 2013 6:43:50 PM

Recently, I've been working out to improve my overall health (not that I'm unhealthy, I just want to be healthier); plus, it's nearly spring and soon it'll be summer. And, with warm weather comes increased motivation (for me) to get off the couch and move around. I think it's the heat.

But, working out has interesting parallels to writing. I push myself whether cardio or weights to be the best. I work out daily (well, 5 times a week).

My writing life should be the same. If I want to be the best writer (not just the best possible for me to be), I need to work the hardest. If I'm not constantly trying to improve, I'm growing stagnant in my writing, much like hitting a plateau in lifting.

I need to train myself and my skills daily. Even small, simple exercises can help. There are no days off. If I want to be dedicated to writing, I need to be dedicated to writing.

Now that I've reached this epiphany, will I stop working out? Well, it does serve as a nice reminder everyday; so...maybe I'll keep training.