The Magic Is In Believing

Post date: Oct 13, 2009 12:34:9 AM

We are knights riding to the field of battle

We strap on our armor and put on our war paint

Everything is in place, we are ready

We walk out calmly in two lines then we

Rush the field with our glorious battle cry

A crowd has gathered on the outskirts of the field,

Ready to watch the day’s events unfold

Both armies have trained hard for this day

Only one will walk off the field the victor

We have met many armies on the field of battle,

Some who have beaten us, but most whom

We have beaten.

We flow together as one, one machine, one body, mind, and soul

One goal ahead of us, nothing behind

Finally our day has come, that fateful meeting of the two

Greatest armies in the land

Our mighty steeds crash through their ranks, time and again.

Many men from both sides fall, but no one notices,

Only one can remain, only one

As the struggle ensues it looks like they have the advantage,

Their generals become overconfident and then

Our generals devise a plan

We use all of our remaining men,

This is our last chance.

We must win this battle or all is lost.

The plan succeeds, we are victorious!

Both teams entered with heads raised high,

One team left with their heads raised higher.

We had won the day, we were the champions!

We were the greatest army in the region.

Many had fallen in our quest

And many had a larger role than others

But we were a team,

A team to the end.

We succeeded because all of us believed that we could.

That is where our magic came from.

We used the magic of believing!