Peering into a Character: Fig

Post date: Sep 29, 2019 1:24:17 AM

Sometimes people grow apart. Sometimes friends are placed in situations where one is putting in all the effort and one is just coasting. Friendship is hard. Two people come together to navigate the tricky waters of life for a time.

That's the idea behind Fig's story in Erie Tales.

She and Frey start out as the best of friends, training at the academy for the wizard police. But when Allan sweeps her off her feet, she begins to understand that her friendship with Frey will never be the same.

As I delve into the character's journey, I need to answer a few questions. Does Fig want to remain Frey's friend? Can they? Do Fig and Allan both like Frey? Does Frey like Allan? Can Fig and Frey remain partners at the academy?

Of course, there are lots of other things to throw into the mix like school problems, magic, bullies, and solving mysteries and crimes. But the main arc of her story revolves around her friendship with Frey and how to date Allan. In the end, she might just have to choose one.

You think it'd be obvious which one she'd choose. And you'd be right. ...Probably. (Hey, I'm not a mind reader.)

But that doesn't make the journey any less eventful or exciting to read.