The Power of Opinion

I know I've been absent a minute. Sorry about that. Been busy practicing archery. I'm even getting better...slightly.

The truth is that's it's been difficult for me to write anything new for a while now. I'm still editing just not creating as much, except where the current project needs expanding or a new scene/idea really sparks me.

Maybe you find that difficult to believe that a writer would find it difficult to write, but for the moment, it's true. Doesn't mean I've stopped wanting to write, I just lack the desire. Every time I sit down to write, I just hear the voice in my head say that it'll never be good enough.

A while back, a young woman whom I was seeing pretty regularly and was growing close to told me that she didn't see a future with me because I'm a writer. Now, I know I'm currently not very successful and this isn't my only career or a get rich quick scheme, just something I enjoy. But her words really struck a chord within me. I just to brim with ideas. Even carried around a notebook to jot them down at work. Now, I get them infrequently.

So I've started to read more. I go to the archery range more. I edit and attend my writing group to get their feedback and give mine on their pieces. Yet something feels different about it all now. It's not that I've lost the joy, I still feel it when I sit down to write. I just, suppose, I need more time to process.

Until then, I'll keep setting aside time to edit. I know, at least, my mom still enjoys my writing.

Happy writing,