Quarantine Update

Post date: Aug 01, 2020 8:16:55 PM

It's been a while since anything has happened. We feel like we've hit the pause button. But in reality, this has been a perfect opportunity to write, research, and edit my works in progress. The quiet that comes from being forced indoors has really allowed me freedom from distractions (well, aside from the usual streaming services).

I don't feel guilty for skipping an event with friends because we can't go anywhere. I feel like I can just write and research and edit without anyone expected me to leave the house...because no one is leaving their homes. It's awesome!

...At least for this author.

It's been interesting, that's for certain. Not everyone appreciates the stillness or the silence. Some people need to see others more than through the lens of a camera in an online meeting room. I get it. Fortunately, I have a few people who risk seeing me so I don't have to be totally devoid of humanity.

But, honestly, it's been a real delight to finally sit down and hammer out a few details that have been nagging at me, crush some rough drafts, and really tinker with plots to get things working,

Not that I wasn't working before. But now, now I have the time and space to just sit and linger on a project. Not because the world isn't eager for new stories but because I finally realize that what it took to write was an enthusiasm for writing I had lost somewhere in the daily grind.

But, it's back now. Thanks to the shutdown. And, if nothing else happens, that at least will be a blessing.