Erie Tales: Periculum Fidei

Sunday, July 6, 2014

11:19 PM

School’s out for summer and the weird just keeps coming.  Stephanie Erie’s brother, Ted, killed two boys.  Allegedly.  She searches for the real culprits to clear his name.  Unbeknownst to her, however, her classmate, Jordan Mielzynski, hunts Ted.  As an agent for the Vatican, Jordan receives her orders from her handler, Randolph (who’s not all he appears to be).  Ted’s tutor, David Tenament, stumbles upon a gang war with vampires on one side and wizards and slayers on the other.  Well, he gets dragged into it; the vampires kidnap him in an attempt to summon and command a demon army. 

Follow four teenagers as they unravel the mysterious plot to frame Ted and discover belief in self is the most powerful magic of all.

Stephanie Erie: My brother’s a wizard-in-training.  Me?  I flunked out.  No magical ability.  Pretty rare, practically unheard of…until I came along.  The family’s descended from Merlin, so “Stephanie’s problem” is kept secret from everyone.  Even my brother.  Of course, magic was a secret from him, too, until he turned thirteen.  Maybe he would’ve been better off without powers.  The Wizards’ Council claims he murdered two kids.  Magic must make you mental.

Edward Sullivan Erie:  Wizard Extraordinaire…well, wizard.  Extraordinaire will have to wait until he no longer needs a wand.  However, he can't pass from the First Rank into the Second until he convinces the Wizards' Council he's ready.  To do that, he needs to prove his innocence.  And track down the real murderer, a river guardian, a dragon that no one else has seen except his uncle, whose opinion isn't highly valued by the wizard community.  Piece of cake.


Jordan Mielzynski:  Monster Hunter…in-training.  Her tutor, Randolph Kettler, sends her on a simple assignment: track down a teenage killer.  Mortals are easy.  Wizards, not so much.  The one thing she has going for her: the element of surprise.  Driven by the desire to prove herself in the world that killed her parents and sister, a no-nonsense attitude, and an unhealthy disrespect for authority, she may just prevail.  But don't expect her to turn her homework in on time.


David Tenament:  Frightened kid…actually, terrified.  He's seen what goes bump in the night.  They talk to him. He has good reason not to sleep.  Even more since vampires kidnapped him.  The only highlight (besides finally seeing a castle) is the daughter.  She's easy on the eyes.  In his case, that means she hasn't turned--she's still mortal--otherwise he'd see through her flawless skin to the dark creature within.  That doesn't mean he can talk to her.  She is still a girl.